What happens during a colectomy?


What Happens During a Colectomy? If  you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know that I’m coming up on ONE YEAR since the removal of my wretched colon on April 15th. The procedure I had done was the proctocolectomy with the construction of a j-pouch and loop ileostomy. A proctocolectomy differs from a colectomy because the rectum (and sometimes…

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Patient-Driven Research. What!?

If you’re like me, when you think about research, you think of doctors and scientists that are higher up in the hierarchy of life who come up with the areas of research, conduct the studies and then come back and inform us of the results. Very disconnected. Oftentimes I feel like an outsider looking in. At least there’s research…

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How to Survive Your First Flare

Hello friends and thank you for visiting colitisninja.com. I want to welcome seasoned IBD Ninjas to keep reading, if you’d like, but this post is geared toward those who are going through their first flareup. First, it is absolutely vital for you to realize that you are not alone. Nearly 1.6 million Americans live with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Living…

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