J-Pouches Through the Ages


This month begins my series on J-Pouches. I have spent many months researching and many hours putting all these posts together to get a better understanding of J-Pouches so that I might share the information with you. I hope that you enjoy my five-part series on the J-Pouch. This week I share J-Pouch History. J-Pouch History 1933 The first attempted…

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What happens during a colectomy?


What Happens During a Colectomy? If  you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know that I’m coming up on ONE YEAR since the removal of my wretched colon on April 15th. The procedure I had done was the proctocolectomy with the construction of a j-pouch and loop ileostomy. A proctocolectomy differs from a colectomy because the rectum (and sometimes…

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Abscess No. 3 (and various other frustrations)

Last night was another rough night. My husband and I were watching the first X-Men movie when suddenly, I felt nauseated. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. Completely out of the blue. I didn’t really feel bad beforehand. There were no warning signs. It just happened. Peeves was producing good output, so I have no idea why I…

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