Crohnie Bologna’s J-Pouch Pregnancy Story


Introducing Christy’s J-Pouch Pregnancy Story… by Christy Stone I was a 26-year-old married person who decided with her husband it was perfect time to start a family. I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a child, had been placed with a j-pouch as a teen, and was under the impression that everything was fixed. I had frequent bouts of pouchitis that had become…

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A Small Price to Pay – Erika’s Story


INTRODUCTION: This week, I’d like to introduce you to photographer Erika Montoya. I was so touched to read Erika’s story. Her first colonoscopy was at just 15 years old!!! Like too many others, she has been through many trials as she was placed on this journey with ulcerative colitis. The judges have claimed her as the 2nd Place Winner in the #IBDninja Prize Pack…

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OMG! My J-Pouch is Going to Fail!?


My J-Pouch is Doomed: J-Pouch Failure Risks On Friday I got an email from Ostomy Connection talking about the risks of having a failed J-Pouch. To be honest, I was a little annoyed and perturbed by the article. I realize that the article was written by an expert, but the title is misleading and scares patients! The first thing I…

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