Crohnie Bologna’s J-Pouch Pregnancy Story


Introducing Christy’s J-Pouch Pregnancy Story… by Christy Stone I was a 26-year-old married person who decided with her husband it was perfect time to start a family. I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a child, had been placed with a j-pouch as a teen, and was under the impression that everything was fixed. I had frequent bouts of pouchitis that had become…

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“My Disease is Worse than Yours!!!”


“My Disease is Worse than Yours!!!” Person Number One: I’m having a really hard time. The doctor put me on Prednisone again. This is my second time in two years! Person Number Two: Big deal! I’ve been on the stuff for two years straight with no sign of getting off of them anytime soon. Person Number Three: Well, you…

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Are You Really That Sick?


Are You Really That Sick? Your colon is screaming at you and you can’t stay out of the bathroom. You can’t hold any food or water down. Your joints feel like they are performing some cruel black magic on you. You’re malnourished, dehydrated and anemic. Your hair is falling out and your face is puffed up like a balloon….

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J-Pouch Construction

J-Pouch Creation

J-Pouch Creation I’ve been going through a series on the J-Pouch to help patients better understand what it is and what life with one is like. In continuing with the series, I decided to write a post about the creation of the J-Pouch. Maybe I’m strange, but I was very interested in every last detail of how it was…

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