Two Years Since Takedown


Two Years Since Takedown Well, I’ve been living with a j-pouch for two years now and I guess it’s time I update ya’ll on what life has been like… You can read some of my previous blog posts to read my whole surgery experience. Also, be sure to read about last year’s update as I talked about what life…

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How the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 Saved my Bum


Luxe Bidet Neo 185 DISCLAIMER: I was given the Luxe Bidet Neo185 to review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by any of the companies. I will always give you an open, honest review of the product. Remember, any products listed on…

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Calmoseptine: Heaven in a Tube!


I talk about Calmoseptine a lot. I post photos of it all the time. Calmoseptine has been my constant companion since I had my j-pouch surgery. Whenever Butt Burn starts to rear it’s ugly little head, I immediately reach for the Calmoseptine. The stuff is amazing. So, what exactly is Calmoseptine? Calmoseptine is a multipurpose moisture barrier ointment. It…

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Revenge of the Butt Burn

WARNING: This post contains graphic details of the aftermath of surgery and what people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease deal with on a regular basis. If you are squeamish or do not like “TMI” this post is not for you.  Twelve and a half weeks ago, I had the takedown surgery for my j-pouch. Things are going relatively well and…

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