“My Disease is Worse than Yours!!!”


“My Disease is Worse than Yours!!!” Person Number One: I’m having a really hard time. The doctor put me on Prednisone again. This is my second time in two years! Person Number Two: Big deal! I’ve been on the stuff for two years straight with no sign of getting off of them anytime soon. Person Number Three: Well, you…

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Can Diet Induce Remission?

Can the Specific Carbohydrate Diet induce remission in IBD? I’ve stated it many times before. Diet is an extremely sensitive issue for many people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. For different reasons. Some pine for the days when they were able to eat whatever they wanted without consequences. Others get upset because people slap them in the face with…

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Because I’ve been out of town this week, I have an Australian guest writer, Scott Riley filling in. He has a passion for IBD awareness, and his awareness project is called #TheYeardProject! Check it out!   Beards are one, of if not the most, talked about human trait in society today. The two questions always asked when someone sees a beard,…

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