Care Packages

I don’t talk about this often, but as several people have asked, I feel like I should at least mention it. Every now and then, I feel led or moved to send out care packages to children living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Who gets a Care Package? When I feel led, I will contact someone who I feel is particularly in need of a little pick-me-up. Someone whose story touches me. In other words, just emailing me and asking me for a Care Package does not guarantee that you’ll get one (see information below about the blog’s budget).

What’s in the care packages? Honestly, it depends on how much I have in the blog’s budget. More often than not, I simply mail a card filled with well-wishes. More recently I’ve begun including wristbands, Calmoseptine samples and Restroom Access Cards. Sometimes, when the budget allows, I will send t-shirts or mugs.

 Sometimes people offer to donate items (such as pillows, gift cards and get well cards) for me to send out some Care Packages. While other times, a group of us will rally around a friend and gather funds to put a Care Package together. This is the most efficient way of getting Care Packages out.

Where do funds in the blog’s budget come from?  Several places…

3) Zazzle Merchandise (Prices set by Zazzle)

4) Commissions – These don’t happen often, but sometimes I do commissions for illustrations or logos.

5) Donations – You can also donate to the cause by using the PayPal method below.


When I don’t have enough in the blog’s budget, sometimes (when I’m able to, that is), I pull funds from my own pockets. Please keep in mind I cannot possibly give Care Packages to everyone. I’m not made of money. Like you, I’m just your average IBD patient trying to pay her bills, mortgages and feed her family.  The money I make off of wristbands, Restroom Cards and Zazzle sales is very small. 

 Why do I send out Care Packages? I feel it is the most effective way of offering support and letting someone know they are not alone in this battle. I do it to encourage others to keep fighting. When you live with a chronic illness, even the smallest gesture will lift your spirits enough to give you the strength you need to press on another day.