Salix’s Dedication to the IBD Community


Salix’s Dedication to the IBD Community NOTE: I was compensated by Salix Pharmaceuticals for this post. However, all opinions are my own. What is Salix? Salix Pharmaceuticals is a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company that specializes in gastrointestinal health. In 2015, Salix was named the largest independent gastrointestinal specialty pharmaceutical company in the world. In 1989, founders Randy W. Hamilton and…

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J-Pouch & Pregnancy Q & A


Your J-Pouch & Pregnancy Questions NOTE: This blog post is written based on my personal experience of being pregnant with a j-pouch. I’m currently early in my 3rd trimester and anything could change between now and then. While most of my answers are based on my own experience, I have done research on pregnancy with a j-pouch and know…

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End the Burn: World IBD Day 2017

World IBD Day 2017 Here we are again. This is my third year participating in World IBD and I am SO excited! Awareness and advocacy is my passion and any chance to get a little extra awareness in is always good. So what is World IBD Day? According to, it’s a day led by world-wide patient organizations and…

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Baby Ninja, World IBD Day & J-Pouch Pregnancy


It’s just emotion that’s taken me over… Ok, so I know last week I talked about my thoughts on how my advocacy would be affected by a new baby. This week, I have more thoughts and emotions as it relates to pregnancy, j-pouch life and childbirth I feel like I need to discuss. Thank you again for listening to more…

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