Pregnancy with a J-Pouch

I’m Pregnant with a J-Pouch!


Weeks 1-3: Baby Ninja is Created (no need to go into details here–keeping it G rated).

Baby Ninja Week 4

Ninja discovered she’s pregnant with Baby Ninja (OMG!)

So, upon getting a positive pregnancy test, I immediately came up with a plan to tell Ninja Hubby. I ran over to Hobby Lobby and collected the supplies necessary to create a t-shirt and ornament for our tree. Upon his arrival home from work, I came out of the room wearing the shirt and carrying the ornament. Ninja Hubby was in disbelief, but accepted it. The next day, we created our announcement video.


Baby Ninja at 4 Weeks!

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HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? I’ve been going through a range of emotions from utter fear to excitement and joy. I’ve had my moments of tears and worry, but I’ve also been in planning mode. I’m so thankful I have people like Amber Tresca, my Mama and Stephanie Hughes who’ve all had healthy babies and pregnancies despite their busted guts. YOU GUYS ROCK AND ARE MY INSPIRATION! I have begun reading books about pregnancy and searching for the perfect person to deliver my baby. Sadly, no one really wants to see you this early in your pregnancy so the search continues. I haven’t really felt any unusual symptoms, though I was surprised by my gag reflex when I smelled cat poop. Cat poop is stinky, for sure, but I’ve never had that type of reaction before. I’ve also begun taking prenatal vitamins!

BABY NINJA STATS: Several sources say Baby Ninja is the size of a poppyseed. According to, the baby’s organs have begun to develop. Which means that Mama Ninja will be saying lots of prayers that those organs stay healthy for the rest of his or her life.

J-POUCH STATS: So far, my J-Pouch is feeling ok. Nothing out of the ordinary… except I might have slightly thicker BMs.

Baby Ninja Week 5


…and so it begins…

So, I’m a little late with this update. It was a rough weekend (keep reading to learn more!). Thankfully, however, I survived week 5 and am here to tell you about it. I have a new book about pregnancy that I started reading and am still taking my prenatal vitamins when I’m able to. Next week I see HPC #2! I’m “interviewing” several people to deliver my baby. I want to make sure I find someone who is in line with what I want in regard to prenatal care and childbirth. Especially with my health history.

Baby Ninja at Week 5!

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HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? In all honesty, this week was a bit rough emotionally and physically. I definitely feel like my years with UC influenced how I felt this week. Not only was I extremely exhausted, but my sensitivity to smell was heightened, most food grossed me out and I even threw up. Thankfully, I only threw up once (so far). But this sent my mind reeling. A wave of PTSD came over me after throwing up. I started worrying about not being able to keep food down and dehydration. I was afraid of going to the hospital again. It was difficult to remind myself that pregnancy is a natural process in life… not a disease. But you guys came through for me. I voiced my fears and each of you stepped in and encouraged me and spoke the exact words I needed to hear. For that, I am SO thankful.

BABY NINJA STATS: According to multiple sources, Baby Ninja is the size of an appleseed! According to, this is the week that Baby Ninja’s heart begins to beat! His brain, nerves and backbone have begun to form. He also looks more like a tadpole than a little baby. :)

J-POUCH STATS: The J-Pouch BMs are no longer thick and I feel more gassy and bloated. And other than a bit of pregnancy nausea, the J-Pouch feels fine.

Baby Ninja Week 6

Hardest week thus far…


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Week six has thrown me for a loop. I threw up again (so that makes the puking count a total of two times). I’ve been more exhausted and my temperature is elevated. It fluctuates between 99 & 100º f. I was surprised about this, but I’ve been told by multiple people and two doctors that this is normal and the only time I should worry is if it gets up to 100.4º.

We traveled to see my husband’s family this week for Christmas. It was fun! More about Christmas happenings for week 7.

I had my second “interview” with a HCP (remember, I’m choosing the person who is delivering my baby carefully). I wasn’t as pleased with her. While I felt she listened to me, I also felt intimidated. She had no idea what a j-pouch was (no surprise here, really) and she also wanted my former GI involved (I do NOT have a good relationship with him), my surgeon, and a high risk doctor. Even though my friends who have j-pouches told me they did not require a high risk doctor. The search continues with my third interview on the 27th.

HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? Sick, tired, cranky. Smells are still the devil. Probably worse this week than last week, though. I’ve had an elevated temperature (again, this is supposedly normal) and I’m told to drink plenty of fluids. I haven’t had the energy to clean my house hardly at all. Still hungry, but still having terrible food aversions. Friday night, I did crave a baked potato from Wendy’s. After a few bites, I was done. The next day, however, I was able to finish it off.

BABY NINJA STATS: According to my two main pregnancy apps, the baby is about the size of a sweet reports that the nose, mouth and ears are developing during week six. He’s also sprouted what my friend Shelly tells me are arm buds and he’s waving them around madly. His blood is also starting to circulate through his body.

J-POUCH STATS: My J-Pouch output has changed. I go 1-2 times a day lately. Things go from thick and hard to get out, to runny. Always pretty gassy. Good otherwise.

Baby Ninja Week 7

The revenge of the morning sickness


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During Christmas, I had a couple of really good days. I was even able to eat and enjoy the Christmas meal!!! Which was very surprising as up to that point, I had so many food aversions nothing seemed good. I also had some cheese pizza which went well also. YES!!! Unfortunately, once I got back home, the morning sickness hit me with a vengeance. Everything smelled bad, I was completely exhausted, I had several (three) intimate moments embracing the toilet and also dry heaved several times. My abdomen also began feeling like I was doing several sit-ups per day! With all the goodies I ate, I also ended up with oral thrush (woohoo!), but I knocked that out with some ginger peach tea with apple cider vinegar and some probiotics. I met with my 3rd HCP to interview them about delivering my baby. So far, this practice is my favorite. The hurdle now is to make sure my insurance covers it (more on that next week). The bad dreams have also begun.

HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? So yeah, I threw up several times, dry heaved, was exhausted and my whole house smelled awful. But I survived. As I said, I loved the interview I had with the HCP and have a lot of hope for next week.

BABY NINJA STATS: According to my app, baby is the size of a blueberry! And according to, baby’s hands and feet are developing. Baby Ninja also still has a tail at this point which will eventually become his tailbone. Baby also has eyelids, eyes and a nose. He’s also got a few organs!!!

J-POUCH STATS: I have felt constipated or something on more than one occasion. I typically am having 1 BM per day and I remember at least one day this week NOT going. The gas sure does build up fast, though.

Baby Ninja Week 8

Almost out of the woods???


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Whew! I survived week 8!!! I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, but I was awakened by all the fireworks. This week was not nearly as bad as last week and I actually ate more!!! My biggest issue was dealing with trying to get in with an OB my surgeon recommended… which ended up not happening. *sigh* In a couple of weeks, I have my first official prenatal visit! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? Better! I have felt a bit more energetic. I only threw up once. I dry heaved a couple of times, but no big deal. I feel like I can tell there’s a bit of swelling in my abdomen, but the average person won’t be able to tell that. I know I have lost weight (yikes!), but I hear that can be normal this early. My abdomen also sometimes feels like I’ve done a few sit-ups.

BABY NINJA STATS: Baby ninja, according to my app, is the size of a raspberry! He’s starting to look more like a baby human instead of an alien. My baby has hands and feet and little webbed fingers and toes! His eyelids are also developing. All of this is according to

J-POUCH STATS: J-Pouch seems fine. Some days I had a hard time going and others I couldn’t stop going. I’m not really worried about it. I’m not in pain, so… yay!

Baby Ninja Week 9

Newfound Respect for Mothers Everywhere


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So this week wasn’t too awful, comparatively speaking. I had a few moments dry heaving and thought that I might have skipped the vomiting for the week… but in the end, I did throw up. Still, I would say that I’m doing better. I have found that I have a brand new respect for moms everywhere. Somehow I convinced myself that being pregnant would be easy because I’d faced the horrors of UC. But no. It’s not easy. Pregnancy is a beast all its own. Food aversions and the fact that everything stinks is probably the hardest part for me. Thursday I have my first prenatal appointment.

HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? Definitely better. Weak. Tired. Nauseated. Tired of being hungry and waking every two hours in the night to eat. Hunger is definitely annoying. It seems no matter how much I eat, I’m always nauseated–which is challenging with the food aversions and nausea. However, after week 9, I have at least 3 weeks of the first trimester left.

BABY NINJA STATS: My app tells me that Baby Ninja is the size of a cherry, and according to he’s nearly an inch long now. All the body parts are there, but they will be developing over the next few months. Baby has eyelids that are fused shut, but they will open around week 27. The baby will soon be gaining weight.

J-POUCH STATS: J-Pouch has been on the fritz. There were a few days where it was nothing but waterworks. I had to slow it down with some Citrucel. Apparently the pregnancy constipation doesn’t apply to J-Pouchers. I broke out the Calmoseptine, but other than that, the J-Pouch feels fine.

Baby Ninja Week 10 – 11

I’m Way Behind! Sorry

So, for me, I think weeks 10-11 have been the most difficult. Emotions, food aversions and exhaustion have been rough. I will get through it, but it’s hard. I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat this week at my first prenatal appointment. I also discovered that I was slightly dehydrated which made the blood draw horrible. Ugh. Other than that, nothing “new” to report.


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HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? During weeks 10-11 I threw up twice. I woke up so many times through the night and didn’t sleep well when I actually did fall asleep. I’m constantly having to poop, pee or eat. Thankfully, I was given the “ok” to take some Imodium to slow things down a little. I want to avoid taking things as much as possible… but I have to be careful of that darn dehydration. Thanks, J-Pouch!

BABY NINJA STATS: At week 10, baby was the size of a strawberry, and at week 11 he grew to the size of a lime. If you look at the above photos, you can see there aren’t a lot of changes between the way he looks from week 10-11 except perhaps his head is rounder and he no longer has an “egg sac.” His organs, according to have begun to develop more rapidly. He’s also kicking a lot, but I don’t feel it yet. He can also bend his arms and legs and apparently is growing “peach fuzz.” His bones are hardening and he has tiny teeth beneath his gums. Apparently he’s also hiccuping because his diaphragm is forming. LOL!

J-POUCH STATS: It’s on the fritz. I had to break out the Imodium. And DO NOT get me started on the gas pain. Ugh.

Baby Ninja Week 12

Small Victories and a Head Cold


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This week I fought a head cold on top of being pregnant. I feel like I’m in limbo. I can’t register for any baby items yet because I don’t know the gender… but at the same time, I have this sense of urgency to get ready for baby to be here. My husband is in the process of moving his “man cave” which is taking a while… and until we get the man cave moved, I can’t work on the nursery!

HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? I feel like I’ve eaten a greater variety of foods. I went shopping with my mom on Saturday, but got exhausted quickly and also had a run-in with hemorrhoids! Woohoo! Luckily I was able to take care of those with some Epsom Salt baths. I did have a small victory though… I DID NOT THROW UP THIS WEEK!

BABY NINJA STATS: Baby Ninja is the size of a plum this week. tells me that baby’s reflexes are developing this week! They say that if I poke my belly, he’ll probably move (I still cannot feel the movement, however). His intestines apparently move from the umbilical cord to his abdomen and his kidneys start producing pee!

J-POUCH STATS: My j-pouch was very naughty this week. But I’m getting through it. Like I said, I dealt with hemorrhoids, which I haven’t had to deal with since before surgery! Nothing terrible to report, though, so I shouldn’t complain too much!

Baby Ninja Week 13

One more week!!!


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So, week 13 is the LAST week of the first trimester… and lemme tell ya, I’m stoked. Besides my lingering and stubborn cough, I’m feeling much, much better so far.

HOW IS NINJA THIS WEEK? As stated above, I feel better. I haven’t thrown up this week (WIN!). My head cold is being a pain, but whatever. I’m starting to have more energy and actually catch up on things that I’ve kinda let go (like housework and blogging!). Soon I’ll find out the gender and I’ve already planned how I’m going to do the gender reveal!

BABY NINJA STATS: My pregnancy app tells me that Baby Ninja is the size of a plum! says that he’s developing fingerprints and that his skin is so thin you can see his veins and organs.

J-POUCH STATS: J-Pouch is still on the fritz most days. Calmoseptine is my friend. But, nothing terrible to report and so I continue on. I’m wondering what baby thinks of all the noise that goes on in mommy’s bowels… he can’t hear my voice yet… but I wonder if he can hear the gas. He can certainly feel it, I’m sure!

Second Trimester