Happy 3rd Birthday, Colitis Ninja!!!

HappyBirthday CN

Happy Birthday, Colitis Ninja!

HappyBirthday CN


Hey guys!!! I can’t believe that on March 18th, it will be THREE YEARS since I began blogging. So many things have happened since the Inception of the Ninja… I’m overwhelmed at the support and how much she has “grown” since then. It’s been an incredible experience and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. In honor of Colitis Ninja’s 3rd Birthday, I’m doing some really fun stuff and I want to tell you all about it!!!

FIRST: I’m offering 50% OFF the Restroom Access Cards for ONE DAY ONLY on March 18th (12am-11:59pm CST) exclusively to my eNewsletter subscribers!!! Sign up to receive the email when the link becomes available!


I’ve also created a couple of new items to purchase from my Zazzle Store. A new mug and t-shirt. Check them out:

I also have some new wristband designs and colors. They will read “#IBDninja” and will come in black, purple, and marbled pink and purple! The purple and marbled ones come in standard and small sizes. I’ll let you know as soon as they’re available for purchase!

NOTE: Royalties from Zazzle sales go to Care Packages and IBD awareness projects. All funds from wristband sales go toward Care Packages and IBD awareness projects. Funds from Restroom Card sales go toward the Restroom Card project and keeping the website up and running.


Beginning March 11, 2017, you have the chance of winning one of THREE #IBDninja prize packs!!! From March 11 – March 18th, I’m asking my Twitter and Instagram followers to use the hashtag #IBDninja to help raise awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. You can post UP TO TEN TIMES A DAY during the week of March 11th and get your name in the drawing to win one of THREE #IBDninja prize packs. On March 19th, I will draw THREE winners! It’s going to be AWESOME! SUBSCRIBERS of my eNewsletter will be entered 25 extra times automatically!

What’s in the prize pack, you ask? Here are just a few of the items:

Mug from the Awkward Yeti

Mug from the Awkward Yeti

• Calmoseptine Samples

• Drip Drop Samples

• An #IBDninja Wristband

A Mug from The Awkward Yeti

A Colon Keychain from I Heart Guts

Gift Certificate to The Great Bowel Movement

…and MORE!



To top it all off, I will be posting a gender reveal video announcing the gender of Baby Ninja! How cool is that?! Keep your eyes peeled for the link on March 18th as well! It’s going to be awesome!


Ok, some things have come up to keep me from finishing off CN’s birthday celebrations as I’d planned. It’s a long story, so I’ll keep the details to a minimum.

FIRST: The release of the gender reveal video for Baby Ninja has been delayed until Monday. We are trying to get in contact with several family members to inform them first! But it’s still happening, I promise.

SECOND: The name draw for the prize packs will be DELAYED due to the fact that my brother is getting married this weekend and I’ve been dealing with several baby appointments (Baby is ok, I promise) I’m busier than I though I would be. I’m so sorry! It will happen, there will just be a delay. If you have any questions about this, please email me!

That’s all for now! Thank you for helping me make CN’s celebrations special. YOU GUYS ROCK!