PillSuite – A Review!


I was given the PillSuite to review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by any of the companies. I will always give you an open, honest review of the product. Remember, any products listed on this website that you decide to try is your own decision. Colitis Ninja will not be held liable for any results that come from using any of the products that I have reviewed. Please see my disclaimer for details.


When you live with a chronic illness, it isn’t enough that you are sick and trying to live a normal life. You also, more often than not, are your own walking pharmacy. It’s a hassle and annoying carrying around so many pill bottles, boxes and organizers. Not to mention sounding like a rattle snake when you walk. But, there is an easier way!

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Introducing PillSuite! PillSuite is a pretty nifty device that organizes your pills into tiny plastic envelopes. These envelopes are small, easy to pack and carry around in your purse, pocket or suit case. I love how compact they are. I realize that many of us take more than a few very large horse pills, however, for the small ones, such as Imodium or Prednisone, these packets are GREAT! You can also fit your vitamins and supplements in them as well. This makes it convenient especially if you are traveling or your IBD Emergency Kit.

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Pill boxes are often awkward and bulky. Some of them are hard to open–which can be a problem for those with RA. But the BioDegradable Pill Suite packets are small, as I mentioned before, and VERY easy to open! No hassle. No scissors. No pills flying everywhere when you finally open the difficult-to-pry-the-lid-off pill cases. I love it!

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Another great feature that I appreciate is that you can write on them with regular Sharpies! You can mark down which pills are in there and how many mg’s (great for tapering from Prednisone–no more having to dig through the pill bottles for the already cut pills). You can also write dates and times on them to help you keep up with whether or not you’ve taken your doses.

Something else I really liked was that it keeps your pills dry if you happen to walk through a rainstorm or drop them in a mud puddle or something. Obviously, you don’t want to go swimming with them unless you secure them in a ziplock bag, but you definitely can protect them from getting wet if they get splashed or dropped in water! Awesome!

So, how do you use it? Basically, you put your pills in the little pill organizer/dispenser. Take the little plastic baggies (provided with the PillSuite), then empty the pills from the dispenser into the plastic baggies and seal it shut with the little sealing device. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

I would recommend you write on each packet before filling them with pills as having packets full of pills makes it somewhat difficult.

All in all, I absolutely love PillSuite! So if you’re tired of bulky pill boxes, your pills being spilled out all over your purse, difficult to open pill bottles or sounding like a rattle snake when you walk, I would highly recommend PillSuite. It’s great for any IBD’er or spoonie looking to organize their pills in an easy, compact and convenient way. You can visit them online at www.pillsuite.com or find them on Facebook and Twitter!